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Follmann Chemie GmbH Acquires Sealock Ltd

By April 27, 2018March 23rd, 2022No Comments

With the official signing of the Contract on 27 April 2018, Follmann Chemie GmbH has become 100% owner in Sealock Ltd based in Andover. Follmann is an independent family owned Chemical company based in Minden, Germany. They manufacture adhesives as well as printing inks, coatings and various other specialist products for Industrial markets. Follmann was founded in 1977, and has grown to be a €200 million turnover business.

‘The transaction matches perfectly with our growth strategy in adhesives’, says Dr. Henrik Follmann, shareholder of the Follmann Chemie Group. ‘In selling these products through the Follmann organisation, we will be able to develop significant growth opportunities, especially for the German market, where Sealock Ltd is not running any business activities yet. For this reason, the outlined strategy will strengthen the position of both Sealock Ltd and Follmann.’