Sealock provides a comprehensive range of high performance and versatile hot melt & aqueous adhesives for the labelling industry

Adhesives for stock & integrated mail labels as well as inline applications including wrap around can labelling, glass and PET bottle patch labels.

Sealock adhesives offer the performance necessary for fast, efficient, clean application and superior bonding and tack.

Our product labelling range includes hot melt pressure sensitive ( HMPSA),Casein, Starch and Acrylic grades for high and low speed application with excellent adhesion to glass, PET and aluminium or other treated metals.

We are the market leaders in hot melt pressure sensitive and acrylic adhesives for the integrated and specific stock label markets.

With Sealock you are assured of a performance, cost effective and timely solution to your Labelling requirements.

Benefits of Sealock Adhesives in this industry

Clean coating and application

Good die cut

Excellent secondary tack performance