Paper bag and sack manufacturing

Sealock provides a comprehensive range of high performance and versatile hot melt & aqueous adhesives for paper bag and sack industry.

Complete range of adhesives for the requirements of modern paper bag manufacturing, including multi substrate assembly and speciality bags.

Sealock hot melt and water based adhesives cover the requirements of a wide variety of types of paper bags being manufactured for retail, medical, food and many other markets.

Our adhesives meet the performance necessary for the construction of the wide variety of designs including SOS type bags, block bottom, pinch bottom, flat and satchel bags, patch handle bags, bread and baguette bags, fries bags to mention just a few.

With general and very specific performance requirements for side seam, paste bottom, window and handle patching as well as other characteristics for heat sealable, peel and seal and many other secondary performance functions Sealock’s range supports all requirements.

With Sealock you are assured of a performance, cost effective and timely solution for your paper bag and sack manufacturing needs.

Benefits of Sealock Adhesives in this industry

Full range of hotmelt and aqueous adhesives

Multiple substrate solutions

Food approvals