Bio Adhesives

High Bio-based content hot melt & aqueous product ranges available in both permanent and pressure sensitive grades.

Climate change is leading to an inevitable rethink in industry and amongst consumers

Sealock’s bio-based hot melt & aqueous adhesives from renewable, sustainable raw materials offer you the opportunity to produce environmentally friendly products.

Our bio-based adhesives are suitable for end-of-line packaging, card and corrugated packages, and other disposable /recyclable paper products including coffee-to-go cups and drinking straws, disposable crockery and cutlery.

The bio content is made up from sustainable bio-renewable plant sources including pine and vegetable/ seed derivatives.

  • 45-88% Bio-based packaging Hotmelt
  • 100% Bio-renewable aqueous corrugated adhesive
  • Bio-based hot melt pressure sensitive range available for product assembly and mattress manufacture

No products used in Sealock formulations contribute to de-forestation or sensitive habitat loss.

Sealock is an active market leader in the development and supply of Bio based adhesives for industry. We already have a significant product portfolio available and ongoing programme to further develop sustainable solutions.

3 Benefits of Sealock's adhesives in this industry

Sustainable, high bio-based content

Low degradation and high performance

Clean processing and low maintenance requirements

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