Mattress Construction

Sealock provides a comprehensive range of high performance and versatile hot melt adhesives for mattress construction.

Proven and established range of adhesives for pocket spring construction, foam layering and composite bonding.

Specially formulated for layering, our Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMPSAs) and Polyolefin adhesives provide excellent adhesion properties for mattress layering suitable for multiple materials including convoluted foam, natural latex foam, memory foam and natural fibres.

A range of permanent adhesives formulated specifically for use in encasement of pocket springs for incorporation in mattress construction. Available in multiple technologies.

With Sealock you are assured of a performance, cost effective and timely solution for your mattress construction needs.

Benefits of Sealock Adhesives in this industry

Excellent adhesion properties

Excellent flexibility for roll/unroll

Low Noise